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Membership Information
Updated January 14, 2023

A.  Poulsbo Sportsman Club Membership year:

The membership year for the Poulsbo Sportsman Club is from April 1 through March 31 of the following year.

Memberships are sold in one-year increments only. Renewal of membership is required on a yearly basis.

B.  Existing PSC membership RENEWAL:

PSC membership RENEWAL applications are accepted from January 1 through March 31 of the upcoming membership year.

To renew memberships, current members must submit a COMPLETE RENEWAL application, which consists of three elements:

(B1) A filled-in PSC application form (with ALL required signatures)

(B2) payment of annual PSC dues (by check or money order ONLY)

(B3 Proof of NRA membership with an expiration date of April 1 or later of the upcoming PSC membership year (see exceptions below under D. NRA membership proof.)

For a renewal application to be considered COMPLETE, ALL three of these items must be in the possession of the membership chairman by 11:59pm, March 31. These items need not be submitted together, but it is the responsibility of the renewing member to ensure that they ALL reach the membership chairman by the deadline of 11:59pm, March 31.

Items (B1) and (B3) may be submitted by email or postal mail (see E. below), or by delivery to an RSO at the PSC rifle/pistol range. Payment (B2) must be submitted either by postal mail or by delivery to an RSO.

Applications that are INCOMPLETE as of 11:59pm, March 31 will be added to the end of the Wait List.

Delays due to the Postal Service, or to bank bill-pay services, or to NRA membership processing are not acceptable reasons for extension of the renewal deadline.

C.  NEW (WAIT LIST) PSC membership applications:

Applicants who are not PSC members on January 1 of the upcoming membership year are NEW (WAIT LIST) applicants, regardless of any PSC membership in prior years. (See F. Initiation Fee below.)

Applications for NEW PSC memberships are accepted at any time during the year. COMPLETED applications will be added to the WAIT LIST in the order they are received. A COMPLETED NEW (WAIT LIST) application consists of:

(C1) A filled-in PSC application form (with ALL required signatures);

(C2) Proof of current NRA membership (see below for additional conditions).

A NEW (WAIT LIST) application is not considered COMPLETE without item (C2).

Memberships are offered to applicants on the WAIT LIST on a first-come, first-served basis, starting on April 1 of the current membership year (when non-renewals from the previous year are final). Memberships are filled until the membership cap is reached (currently 800).

Offers of membership are made by email. It is suggested that WAIT LIST applicants send an email to [email protected] when submitting their application. This will help ensure receipt of an offer of membership when one becomes available.

D.  NRA membership proof:

For RENEWAL applications, the NRA expiration date must be April 1 or later of the upcoming PSC membership year.

For NEW (WAIT LIST) applications, the NRA membership must be current as of the submittal of the PSC application.

Acceptable proof of current NRA membership is a single document that shows the following three items:

  • The name of the PRIMARY MEMBER (or of the CO-MEMBER)
  • The NRA membership number
  • The expiration date of the NRA membership (or “LIFE”, if applicable)

Examples of such documents are:

  • A pdf copy of the NRA membership card as obtained from (sent by email to [email protected]). This is the preferred method of providing proof. (This pdf document may also be printed and mailed, if desired.)
  • A photocopy (sent by USPS) or digital copy (sent by email) of the member’s physical NRA membership card.
    Note: Some cards mailed by the NRA include the member’s name and NRA membership number, but DO NOT SHOW the membership expiration date. These cards ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE as proof of current NRA membership, as they lack the required expiration date.
  • An original, or a photocopy, or a digital copy of a mailing label from an NRA magazine

Note:  A copy of the home page from is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE PROOF. This page shows NRA member number and membership expiration date but DOES NOT show the member’s name (only the member’s web site username). If you have an account at, follow the link on the home page to Print Your NRA Membership Card to generate a pdf copy as described above. (This may be emailed directly to: [email protected] or printed)

Exceptions for RENEWAL applicants ONLY:

For current PSC members who have previously submitted proof of NRA membership, PSC membership data has the expiration date on the most current submitted NRA membership proof. For PSC membership RENEWAL applications, proof of NRA membership is not required if the NRA membership expiration date on file with the PSC membership chairman is valid for the upcoming PSC membership year.

A list of PSC members, by membership number, showing members with expiring NRA membership for the upcoming PSC membership year, is available here. . If your PSC membership number is on the list, you must submit proof of NRA membership that expires AFTER April 1, 2023 in order to renew your PSC membership for 2023. If your PSC member number is not on the list, you do not need to submit proof of NRA membership for the PSC membership year 2023.

Members whose membership expiration is in February or March before the upcoming PSC membership year are especially urged to see that proof of valid NRA membership is supplied to the PSC membership chairman BEFORE the PSC renewal deadline of 11:59pm, March 31.

If a PSC renewing member is unsure whether their NRA membership expiration qualifies for an upcoming PSC membership year, please contact the PSC Membership Chairman at [email protected]

E.  Mailing addresses for application items

Postal mail address: PSC Membership, PO Box 1241, Poulsbo, WA 98370

Email address: [email protected]

F.  Initiation Fee

NEW (WAIT LIST) applicants, on acceptance of an invitation of a PSC membership, are required to pay a $100 initiation fee in addition to their first-year membership dues.

The initiation fee is waived for active-duty military. Proof of status (a copy or orders, or an in-person showing of the applicant’s CAC) is required.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Tim Eaves, PSC Membership
Phone: 206.795.2230
[email protected]

Lost Membership Cards

On a regular basis I receive inquiries about obtaining replacement or duplicate membership cards. I do not issue replacement or duplicate membership cards. A membership card is not required to use the range as a member.

If you are a member and show up at the range without your membership card, simply show the duty range officer picture identification and politely request he look up your name and number on the membership list. It is a basic process that has been in place for several years. If you receive pushback from any of the duty range officers in this situation let me know.

Tim Eaves, PSC Membership
[email protected]

Corporate Philosophy – NRA Membership

July 7, 2016

The executive board recently considered a motion to establish and post the reasons why we as a club require membership in the NRA as a prerequisite for club membership, both new and continued.

Before that motion and even a time or two since, the question ‘why bother?’ has come up. The implication I believe is obvious, that everybody knows why we have the requirement.

That doesn’t seem to be the case though. Every year during membership sign-up the question arises again. Some prospective members don’t like the idea and I have more than once heard non-members on the range say that is why they won’t join the club. That’s fine of course; if people don’t want to come to the range nobody is going to stop them. However that leaves the question remaining open-‘why?

There are some answers that I don’t think feed the bulldog, like: because we say so or because they help us or because we get better insurance rates. An easy response to that is ‘prove it’ and we are back at ‘because we say so’. It’s pretty clear in my own mind but I don’t answer for the club, that’s the responsibility of the Executive Board and the voting membership.

I think it’s better to do things on purpose rather than by accident or because ‘we always have’, so I put the issue to the board, right out loud, let’s talk about why we do this. Is it money? Is it because it’s expected? As a representative group, members in attendance and board, let’s tell whoever wants to listen why we require it.

The result of the discussion wasn’t surprising but it was on purpose and debated openly and every member or visitor to the club or any interested party can see what we think. 

Why do we as club require all of our members to maintain membership in the NRA?

Because we wholeheartedly support the mission of the NRA: To protect the Second Amendment right to bear arms and to promote safe, responsible, and competent use of firearms.

Because we recognize and support its roots: It was founded in 1871 by a group of Union veterans of the American Civil War. The first NRA president was Ambrose Burnside; the eighth was Ulysses S. Grant. It is the oldest and largest civil liberties organization in the United States and promotes the Founding Father’s vision of a citizenry that both owns guns and uses them responsibly. It has 5,000,000 members that also support that mission and we intend to be part of it.

Because we intend to defend our right to own and carry firearms and because we cherish our freedom to hunt and shoot. And finally because if we give our government the power to disregard the Second Amendment, then we also give it the power to disregard the First, Fourth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments and that is a thought that is odious and unacceptable.

That’s why we maintain 100% NRA membership.

Approved by the PSC Executive Board May 31, 2016

We use internet e-mail to notify the membership of upcoming votes, elections, membership renewal, and important developments relating to the county shooting range ordinance. Our e-mail list covers about 97% of the membership.

If you did not receive any announcements over the past few weeks, there is a chance your e-mail address has changed, we do not have your e-mail address on file, or the e-mail got caught in your spam filter. It is simply not practical to call or use the US mail.

Please send e-mail address updates to our membership chairman at [email protected]. If the announcement got caught in your spam filter, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your allowed address list.