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Latest information April 6th, 2020:

We would all like to see the range open up so we can get back to enjoying our shooting sports.  We are aware of the Federal stance on ranges being essential, but the state’s stance is that ranges are not essential.  Club President Mike Snyder has decided to stay with the original directive Governor Inslee issued in mid-March, which he has now extended through May 4th, 2020.  We will keep the range closed to activities through May 4th, except for those members with gate card access cards.  There will be no range officers present at the range and the public and guest(s) are not allowed at the range.  Members with gate cards shooting at the range are doing so at their own risk.  During the time the range is shutdown, we have been busy cleaning and disinfecting the range to keep any potential contamination to a minimum.  In making this decision, we have to take into consideration the health and well-being of our range safety officers, volunteers, as well as the public and members at large.  We feel this is the most prudent course of action. ​ Please check back often to our webpage, as we will post the latest information here.


The Bremerton Brigade has cancelled Annual Snarlin’ Badger Grub Shoot and Rendezvous originally scheduled for May 1-3, 2020. We will continue to update you on other upcoming events as required. 


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